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November 29th, 2020

Join 500,000+ newsletter subscribers! Vince Gironda advocated that kind of workout about 30 years ago. Each workout will be completed in approximately 45 minutes and never more than 60 minutes. Outside of his personal training, Gironda also was a proficient writer, contributing many articles over the years since which reached many people around the country. He said that using the 8 sets of 8 format is not enough to ensure muscle gains. This principle of overload explains why sprinters have bigger muscles than distance runners. Vince Gironda’s 8×8 Workout Vince Gironda’s 8×8 system of training was originally termed as the « honest workout », because it is simply one of the most difficult and challenging workouts there is. While many of his ideas were initially published in the 1950’s and 60’s and have been ignored recently in favor of more modern discoveries, some of his principles are still being promoted and helping people today. Gironda felt doing them this way would isolate the chest and minimize triceps involvement. The most popular method of training for advanced bodybuilders is to choose between two and four exercises per muscle group and perform three or four sets of 6-12 reps on each exercise. With a 15-20 second rest interval, 24 sets will take only 18 to 21 minutes to complete and 32 sets will take 25 to 28 minutes to complete. 1180 First Street South Success! The answer is because this type of "honest," high volume, fast tempo training will be a complete shock to your body, especially in the beginning when you are unaccustomed to it. The related 6x6 workout routine is an intermediate version of the same program. Email: click here. This 6×6 workout routine was inspired by legendary trainer Vince GiRonda – A.K.A. You will face the burn of local muscle fatigue, the challenge of oxygen debt and the difficulty of maintaining mental concentration. Vince Gironda was a legendary trainer of Mr Olympia winners and blockbuster Hollywood stars alike. It's a "shock routine" you can use for brief periods to kick-start a new growth spurt when you need it most. This means no magazine reading, no walking around the gym, no gossiping, no changing the CD in your Walkman, and no - not even going to the bathroom. He’s known as the Iron Guru but Gironda also helped many people with their nutrition programs. ‘The Iron Guru’ – who is famous for creating some of the greatest bodybuilders of all time. Vince called it the "honest workout " because of the pure muscle fiber size that can be achieved on it. If you have doubts, you will find it won't work. The sample routine I've outlined is based on a four day split. Join 500,000+ If you get interrupted or distracted, you might as well pack up your gym bag and go home. The first workout should be made intentionally easy. When looking at Vince Gironda's training methods it must be said that he coached everyone according to their abilities, so there isn't really one method per se. If your tempo on each exercise is 2-0-2-0 (2 second eccentric, no pauses and two second concentric), then each rep will take you four seconds. Vince was quite used to it. He occasionally made an exception for women who competed if he felt they needed improvement in those areas. Called the "Honest Workout", Vince Gironda's 8x8 training system is an extremely challenging and effective old school approach to bodybuilding. His Gironda dip called for the lifter to look down and have your chin touch the chest. These days it's more popular to split a routine four or even five ways. You are simply overloading the muscles by condensing more training into less time. He made sure all of the people he trained not only concentrated on the task at hand while the workout was taking place, but they also had an overall belief and confidence that they could achieve the goals that were set. For example, if you're on the popular four-day split where you train two days on, one day off, you'll get great results on 8 sets of 8. As long as it keeps working. It has gotten popular again under the name of German Volume Training. I know I’m going to get shit for adding squats and deadlifts to this routine because Vince was not a fan of either one (in the traditional sense). M&S weekly newsletter sends you workouts, articles and motivation based on your goal. This program must be done alone. But you can do 8 sets of 8 because you get such an "honest" workout with a fraction of your usual weight. Stay on the bench or machine until all 8 sets of 8 are completed. Among his favorites were fertile hen-eggs and raw cream or half and half milk. Many of the folks these athletes hire are known as coaches or “gurus”. 8 sets of 8 is a test of strength, endurance and mental toughness. The Vince Gironda Inspired 8x8 Workout. He also advocated using nutritional supplements. Throughout the 50’s and 60’s, Gironda’s reputation grew thanks to the champions previously mentioned winning contests and giving him credit for helping them do so. Smaller areas like the biceps, triceps, and calves would only need two movements each. For example, he was not a fan of squats. Most of your sets will not be taken to failure, and none of them will be taken beyond failure. Although you won't be reaching failure on most of your sets, make no mistake - this is some of the most difficult training you will ever undertake. Then make up your own mind. Another movement he tweaked to his preference was the classic dip. Examine. Many consider Gironda as someone ahead of his time because he advocated for low carb diets long before they were popular. Push yourself. There was no way this could be done with heavier weight without form being sacrificed which Gironda was against. 8 sets of 8 is a test of strength, endurance and mental toughness. Gironda would train different athletes based on individual needs. With this type of split, you can perform seven or eight exercises for 8 sets of 8 reps and fit it all inside of forty-five minutes. He felt using lighter resistance and resting less would maximize muscle fiber growth and helped burn calories in the quickest time possible. If you’re a fan of bodybuilding or physique competitions, then you know many of the top champions work with a trainer and/or nutritionist to help them prepare for their big shows. Should you opt for a bodybuilding split, stick to three or four exercises for the larger muscle groups like legs, chest, and back. newsletter subscribers! Other foods he recommended based on the athlete and what he felt was needed. His training systems included 15 sets of 4, 3 sets of 12, 6 sets of 6, 10 sets of 10 and 4 exercises in a giant set - one for each "side" of the muscle. Learn about Vince Gironda's old school bodybuilding philosophies, nutrition recommendations, & sample workouts!

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