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November 29th, 2020

Flip the switch upward to the ON position and flip the switch downward turn the drill press OFF. Amazon and the Amazon logo or trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. And this is where in-depth reviews come into play and benefit everyone, including you. It’s also affordable and takes up little space in your workshop or storage. The WEN 4214 is a semi-professional level drill press capable of more than your average garage workshop projects. Then I think you will be able to understand better about wen 4225 drill press review. This drill press has many benefits and just a few downsides. I got a great idea!! The WEN 4212 bench drill press is a great and powerful machine that can drill through a wide variety of materials. WEN 4214 12-inch Variable Speed Drill Press Review Best Drill Press for Woodworking The WEN 4214 is a semi-professional level drill press capable of more than your average garage workshop projects. That said, it is one of the best selling drill presses and is popular especially among the amateur woodworking crowd. While it is up to you, as the user, to choose whichever and how many drill press you want, most are looking to buy one that’s worth all the money. The WEN 4214 is an entry-level 12-inch drill press made by one of the lesser-known brands. Considering its feature upgrades, this is more suitable to fit more of the long-time hobbyists to new professionals. With a durable 1/3 HP induction motor at a 2.3-Amp rating, it develops ample torque and power that is decent enough for working on wood and soft metals such as aluminum, brass, and copper. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, there’s a WEN Drill Press product that you can use. It also sports a five-speed operation that ranges from 600 to 3100 RPM. We do earn a small commission which is paid directly from Amazon. Best WEN Drill Press Review 2020. One of the distinct features in the WEN 4210T is its laser guiding system. The Drill Press Reviews on this page are designed to make the process of researching and buying this tool as easy as possible. For more details, refer to the product manual. Before operating and as a safety feature, insert the yellow safety key into the switch housing first. Best Drill Press 2020 Intro. It has an industrial-level construction with a cast iron powder coating to ensure lasting durability. You may also lock the switch in the OFF position by removing the safety key from the switch and storing the key in a safe place. It has a linear scale depth adjustment that allows you to set the depth of your drill bit for a more precise drill. Here’s a quick but thorough review of our top WEN drill press products. There’s also onboard key storage for easy access, locking depth adjustment for accuracy, and a ½-inch keyed chuck for variety. I am Troy Paulsen, a Tool Junkie passionate about writing, sharing and learning about tools and home improvement. The 4214 model is relatively new; it was launched in 2014. Luckily, when it comes to drilling presses and tool accessories from WEN, finding what will suit your needs is easier. Firstly, it supplies more power with its 3.2 Amp motor. High performance drill presses may be too much for common hobby or weekend projects around the garage. This WEN 10 Drill Press may be an entry-level model, but it can perform and do it well. The WEN 4214 also stands out when it comes to its unique worktable features. Hello there! It has a greater power capacity with its 3.2-Amp that can take on drilling soft metals and regular wood easily. To start operating the drill press, insert the yellow safety key into the switch housing, and flip the switch upward to the ON position. Runner Up, Best Overall Drill Press: Shop Fox W1667 1/2 HP 8-1/2-Inch Bench-Top Oscillating Drill Press Buy on Amazon Buy on Walmart. That’s because the brand is all for giving what consumers want and need. With an extensive line of drill presses that cater to both amateur handymen and professionals, it’s no wonder they’re one of the best choices. It’s adjustable in height as well. It has variable speeds of 740, 1100, 1530, 2100, and 3140 RPM. As long as it’s less than half an inch thick, it performs well and without issues. Dubbed the best drill press for woodworking, this model features a variable speed operation that allows you to target the exact speed you prefer. WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed Drill Press Review. Copyright 2019 by BackyardToolshed - All your tool needs in one place!. For more details about assembly, adjustments, and operation, refer to the product manual. This is a good idea for those who have limited experience with these kinds of machines, as it will make the process a lot easier for you. When it comes to high-quality and top-performing power drill tools, WEN is always a go-to brand. Along with more power, this motor also comes with a ball-bearing construction. The WEN 4214 12-inch Variable Speed Drill Press is an all-around standout. If you’re looking for a tilting vise, consider the WEN 433TV. WEN 4225 drill press offers a 5/8-inch keyed chuck. This small but able drill press operates at five different speeds. The laser guide feature also makes it easier as an entry-level model or a newer one for professionals. The mechanical variable speed infinitely ranges from 580 to 3200 RPMs and can deliver equal torque throughout. WEN is a very popular brand that has been offering excellent power drill presses ever since 1951. Log in, Very compact design that takes up little space, Can offer great amounts of power despite the smaller size, Powerful and durable motor that comes with ball bearings, Very durable and long-lasting because of its cast-iron construction, Has a depth adjustment nozzle to limit the depth, Contains an unstable base that makes it uncomfortable to work with, Gives you a lot of speed options because of its variable-speed orientation, Offers enough power to be able to drill a 5/8 inch hole in cast iron, Allows you to work at specific speeds through its digital speed indicator, Gives you the opportunity to limit the depth of the drill, Gives you multiple speed options with its 5-speed orientation, Durable motor owing to its ball bearing construction, 3.2 Amp motor for a smooth drilling performance, Very high accuracy because of its laser precision, Very large in size and takes up a lot of space, Multiple speed options because of the variable speed setting, 3.2 Amp motor that supplies great power output, Ball-bearing construction in the induction motor, Gives 5 levels of speed for you to work on, Comes with laser precision for more accurate drilling, Very large and heavy and thus has less portability, Prone to crack easily due to weak construction. BackyardToolShed.com is a participant in  the Amazon  Services LLC  Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. The WEN 4208 is an affordable solution for any beginner’s drill press needs. It’s hard to find a drill press of this power and capacity below $500, and yet the WEN comes in around $260, making it hard to resist for the hobbyist who wants a little more than most budget tabletop presses offer. Dubbed the best drill press for woodworking, this model features a variable speed operation that allows you to target the exact speed you prefer. The chuck with morse#2 spindle taper accepts bits anywhere from 1/12 to 5/8-inches in size.

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