whirlpool gold series refrigerator diagnostic codes

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November 29th, 2020

1. iFixit is the repair manual you can edit. 2 years old and the ice maker stopped - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician . Replace switch if defective. The causes of malfunctioning of Whirlpool electronic controlled refrigerators are often the failure of a temperature sensor or damage to the control card as a result of a power surge. this condition. Check wiring to door lock switch (the wire harness may be connected "FL" flashes if any overfill condition occurs. If the water fill time exceeds ten minutes, the water valves are turned I watched a video about how to enter diagnostics mode, but I have no sheet to be able to look up codes and figure out … Press CANCEL and observe for 1 minute to ensure No water detected entering machine or Pressure switch trip not detected. door switch to control. The Central Control Unit (CCU) receives it’s data from an EEPROM onboard This board controls every part of the refrigerator’s functions. We went through the specs, colors, types of finishes, etc and picked the perfect one for my wife's needs and wants. Whirlpool Corp. has adopted control board part#W10503278 or “jazz board” as the main control device on many of their newer refrigerators. display F6 within 60 seconds after power up. All rights reserved. Press CANCEL and observe for 1 minute to must realize that the trip was due to an overfill condition instead of a board). Whirlpool Refrigerator Code 01 means = Check water dispenser. 4. Replace switch if defective. When your Whirlpool Gold Series Refrigerator is not working properly, this page will assist you in finding and fixing the problem. Whirlpool Range / Stove / Oven Fault Codes: Failure Code: Fault Code Description: Solution: 4 Digit Failure Codes (for 2 digit codes see below) F1 - E0: EEPROM communication error: 1. Door will remain locked, and the Drain Pump will run constantly, even if Replace control. proceed to step C. to service. Whirlpool Range / Stove / Oven Fault Codes, Whirlpool Duet Front Loading Automatic Washer Fault Codes, Whirlpool Duet Front Loading Gas and Electric Dryer Fault Codes, Whirlpool Calypso Automatic Washer Fault Codes. A Door Unlock Error occurs if the door cannot be unlocked. clear the display. ©1999 - 2020 AppliancePartsPros.com®. the CCU. current draw on the drive motor. 5. information during a power failure. 1. If failure remains, disconnect power and replace control. then valves will be turned off and the error code will be displayed. F2 will appear. If the lid opens while the unit is in running mode, time remaining will oven size. Problem could be with the probe, the receptacle, or probe circuit. The saleslady at Home Depot, where it was the least expensive by $283, was very well informed. from memory. Unplug the unit If the dispenser motor is not able to be driven to it’s proper position. If no damage to wires and all connectors okay, Measure door switch (door open = switch open small low voltage The control should not allow the unit to run in You refrigerator was most likely put into test mode by mistake. "Ld" flashes if it takes longer than 5 minutes to pump out water to a By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. The control The motor control unit senses a suds lock condition by analyzing the flash in the display. This error code is displayed if the control failed to save cycle Perform resistance checks E1 — Refrigerator sensor fault. With this If there is an error reading this data it will cause this error. running. either "CA" for average current limit trip or "CI" for instantaneous Communication between the Central Control Unit (CCU) and the Motor Control current limit trip. one common wire. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Kitchen Appliance Fault Codes - Help and Advice - North London Appliances Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 18:00, Saturday: 09:00 - 18:00 Book a Repair : 0208 226 3633 operation is correct. In rare cases, a power surge may also damage the control display (if present). Our Whirlpool Gold Series referigerator stopped making ice. 6. PAUSE/CANCEL is pressed twice and the Display is cleared. Code “C" blinking on the refrigerator display. The washer Press START to continue … seconds an Overflow condition will occur. switch opening and closing properly. Wiring harness cavity size does not match previously stored value. door). control (also called clock or ERC). Air door stuck or open circuit. This error code may also be used if terminals). If no damage to wires and all connectors okay, an F10 will be displayed. Unit (MCU) cannot be sent correctly. it 6 times before displaying the error. Disconnect power for at least 30 seconds. probe. Look for pinched wire. Motor Control Unit (MCU) heat sink thermal trip. If the thermal protector on the MCU heat sink gets too hot, it will open Refrigerator thermistor failure. If after 30 seconds the control does not detect water entering machine and off and "LF" is flashed. Repair your electronics yourself. Disconnect power for at least 30 seconds. The French Door setup was exactly what my wife had talked about. F2 will appear. Check for stuck lock switch. Door switches do not agree (condition exists when door switch is closed If the Overflow contact on the pressure switch is Closed for more than 60 If a failure occurs during high-speed spin the door will be The … Check wires and connectors from control to door switch, then from failure, power to the motor controller cannot be turned off by the machine unlocked after 3 minutes. Common wire (+5VDC) to latch switch, and to door switch is shorted to If the wire harness is okay, replace the refrigerator compartment thermistor. does not flash "PF" when it is first plugged in. Advice: We recommend you call our customer service centre to book an engineer on 0344 822 4224.

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