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November 29th, 2020

*iOS device not included. The piano voice on this model isn’t a patch on the Yamaha. The best 76 weighted key digital piano on the market today is the Yamaha NP32 Piaggero Digital Piano. ***Only available in some regions, • Number of Keys: 76 It features a 76-key Graded Soft … The NP-32 will allow you to do exactly that. This light weight is assisted by the reduced number of keys (76 versus 88 on a complete piano keyboard) and especially by the fact that the keys are not weighted. It gets its weighted action from springs which push back when you press on a key. If you’re used to something bigger, you may find the keys too light and spongy. Recorded from a real Yamaha CFX concert grand piano, this thing is just a joy to play. Should you buy a digital piano with light up keys. It’s an extremely bright sound, and is probably virtually modelled rather than sampled. A cost cutting measure? Required fields are marked *, Shops 7-10 ShoalhavenArcade Kinghorne StreetNowra, NSW, Australia, 2541, t +61 2 4421 8688f +61 2 4423 2020e tariq@scmusic.com.au, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Be the first to review “Yamaha NP32 Piaggero 76 Note Piano Grand Keyboard NP-32 Portable Piano”. Weighted keyboard is the weight of the keys to simulate those of an acoustic piano, with the bass keys being heavier and the treble keys lighter. Otherwise, you’re going to be dissatisfied. • Amplifiers 6W + 6W rms From the very first note, Piaggero will amaze you with its compact size and high-quality sound. • Connectivity DC IN: DC IN 12V • Tone Generating Technology: Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) Stereo Sampling The 76 key size is perfect for this - again, enough to give you the full-size piano experience, but compact and lightweight enough to be put away in a closet when not in use, or simply stored in the corner of a room until it’s time to practice again. Simple, stylish, and portable piano-style keyboard. Includes power supply and music rest. This represents a very attractive cost savings if you’re on a budget, or just starting out and not sure you’ll commit. Yamaha offers a wide range of Apps for use with the Piaggero NP-12 including Digital Piano Controller, Metronome and NoteStar. You’ll have to decide whether any of these are a deal breaker for you. In this article we're going to go through some of the best 76 key digital pianos and keyboards. PIAGGERO – THE COMPACT DIGITAL KEYBOARD WITH PURE YAMAHA TONE. With superb tone in a light and compact instrument, the YAMAHA Piaggero NP-32 is the perfect combination of elegance and simplicity. However, it’s perfect for a beginner pianist, aspiring to train their fingers before they graduate to a larger piano. What this does is split the piano into two, which allows two people to play on the same instrument by creating two middle-C notes. • Dimensions: W124.4cm (49″) x H10.5cm (4-1/8″) x D25.9cm (10-3/16″) In terms of the sound quality of this keyboard, it is surprisingly good and will pleasantly surprise you for its low-budget. At least several hundred dollars, depending on where you buy. You potentially have a whole orchestra or band at your fingertips with this Casio. • Voice Demo Songs: 10 24 voices, including the Yamaha CFX concert grand piano. If you’re in the market for a 76 key piano, this is the one to go for. ​While the touch sensitivity is great, the keys aren’t actually weighted. CHECK PRICE . However, if you’re not too bothered about the piano sound and want something with a huge variety of different sounds and tones, this probably won’t concern you too much. • USB TO HOST: Yes It’s extremely reasonably priced, and will serve beginner and professional alike admirably. While this piano is geared towards a more serious audience, it offers a good compromise on features. Why has Yamaha only included 73 keys? GO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO – PLAY WHERE YOU WANT TO PLAY. • Warranty: FIVE Years, Your email address will not be published. • Battery Power: 6 x “AA” Alkaline, Manganese or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries(not included) • Digital Reverb: 4 types All in all, the Yamaha NP32 76-key electronic keyboard is a very good contender out of many beginner keyboard options in the market. They’re in a similar price range but the P-125 has a full 88 note keyboard that you’ll never outgrow. The best 76 weighted key digital piano on the market today is the Yamaha NP32 Piaggero Digital Piano. Yamaha NP32 76-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard, Black Visit the Yamaha Store. However, you'll very likely be limited by the included 73 keys, so you should only pick this if you absolutely know you won't need a full 88 keys. You could spend hours trying them all out, but if you’re a session musician or you play keyboards for a living you will thoroughly appreciate this. Designed around the essential elements that let you concentrate on playing, the YAMAHA Piaggero NP Series keyboards focus on the inspiration and enjoyment of playing a piano and feature the pure tone of one of the finest grand pianos that Yamaha has ever made. The overall quality of the sound is great - the grand piano sound particularly stands out though. However, I don't consider this a serious instrument, and it's probably not suitable for a serious learner. This can be really helpful for demonstrating to a student or practising along with them. If you're wanting bells and whistles, however, you'll be disappointed. The NP-32 features a “Piano-Style” non-weighted keyboard, it is amazingly natural and expressive, and you can take it anywhere to play. • Panel Language: English This digital piano is a wonderful combination of simplicity and elegance. ​While I’ve said this piano is not so good for teaching, there is one feature that really stands out - duo mode. 4.6 out of 5 stars 95 ratings ... White 88-Key Digital Piano / Keyboard with Full-Size Semi-Weighted Keys, Power Supply, Built-In Speakers and 5 Premium Voices 4.6 out of 5 stars 508. The compact, elegant silhouette of the YAMAHA Piaggero NP32 is certain to catch your eye and make a lasting impression. • Tuning Function: 414.8Hz – 440.0Hz – 466.8Hz However, the sounds that are included are amazing. 76 keys is enough to play 99% of pop, jazz and rock music, so you won’t find yourself shortchanged by the missing octave. The features on this piano are incredibly sparse - I suppose, however, this could be a good thing if you require focused, concentrated practice, without getting distracted by the bells and whistles of a fancier keyboard. You get 24 voices, as well as two track recording. YAMAHA PIAGGERO NP32 76 KEY PORTABLE DIGITAL PIANO KEYBOARD, EXQUISITE PIANO TONE IN A LIGHT AND COMPACT FORM. Weighted Keys: No: Key Cover: … You get a pitch bend wheel, real band backing tracks, over 570 separate voices, the ability to adjust the sound with a master EQ and digital effects such as reverb and even environment effects which allow you to sound like you’re playing in a concert hall or a cathedral. Your email address will not be published. You won’t go far wrong with this keyboard, even if you’re playing extremely complex classical music. Not a great buy for a serious piano student.

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