waivenetWaivenet 3.0 Online Ordering, Inventory Management System

Your On-Line Gateway To Making Business Easy

Migrating to newer and smarter technologies allows your business to make better use of your time and investments by increasing productivity and introducing streamlined efficiencies.

Fully customisable modules provide a seamless solution to support your business activities with secure password access through any browser 24/7, customisable interface with personalised dashboard.

Authority Level Controls

WaiveNet 3.0 offers powerful permissions based role management. Each role has hundreds of permissions that can be turned on or off as required, giving you the flexibility to be very granular with your users’ experience.


Following your order from placement to doorstep
A virtual warehouse at your desktop
Creating any document on-line with variable data and images
The ability to send your own messages in your own format
Collateral produced on demand, on price and within agreed timelines
Full visibility of your records from collection to delivery
Consolidated orders to multiple distribution points
Option to collect payment on order placement
Information in powerful, even more in rea time when you want it