inventory management
inventory management

Inventory Management and Secure Storage Warehousing

Your Warehousing Solution

Outsourcing your warehousing and 3PL requirements provides you with increased savings on capital expenditure, allowing you to manage and grow your core business. Our secure storage and co-ordination of your inventory provides access to your own stock 24/7 in real time, providing any reportable data to your desktop. A warehousing environment that is flexible and scalable to grow with your business requirements.

Inventory Management

WaiveStar is the ideal partner for warehouse management as we are an industry leader in 3PL and customised on-line systems and solutions that will improve your inventory management and reporting capabilities, asset tracking and general workflow. Our warehouse outsourcing services allow you to focus on growing your business by leaving the inventory management details to us. Your inventory and reporting is at your fingertips, a virtual warehouse at your desktop.